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Mardi 10 mars 2009


My talented colleague, photographer and makeup artist Troy Jensen, is blogging now! This lipstick I am wearing is my new favorite color. It is Soar lip liner by MAC with a Stila lip polish called Glisten. I love this lip color because it gives a little bit deeper color than just my regular nude lip!

***UPDATE: I see you guys are asking about what lipstick I bought at MAC. Well I used to wear the color Angel, with Stripdown lip liner, but now I am loving Soar lip liner with a clear gloss. Soar is like a light cranberry color, that looks almost like a darker version of angel. I am still trying to find the perfect lipstick. I also like the color Myth for a super nude lip, but sometimes its too light! I really went to Mac to get a new concealer. It seems I can never find the right one, but bought the Studio Tech creamy foundation to try as a concealer bc its way to heavy for a concealer for me! If you guys have any lip color suggestions, let me know in the comments section.

I decided to try out my lighter eye make up look. And don’t laugh, I want your opinion! I usually ask my sisters these sorts of questions, but I want to be able to bounce things off you, too! …I am sooo loving Lorac makeup right now!

My makeup artist Stephen tried new lashes on me for Jimmy Kimmel. They are Mac No. 35. I am loving them! I do not wear fake lashes daily, but they are great for photo shoots, special events and tv stuff! When I answered questions before about fake lashes, I mentioned I wore a company called Red Cherry, which I still love, but these new MAC ones I really am into! I also have read comments where some of you have said I claimed to never wear fake lashes. I never said that, so please go back and re-read my answer…

Question: Kim….You, your mom and your sisters eyelashes are ALWAYS beautiful. I wanted to know what brand you use or where do you guys get them done?
Answer: We wear a company called Red Cherry, but Khloe never wears them. Kourtney, my mom and I only wear them out at night to events or parties. We have very long eye lashes to start with and the trick is to use two different kinds of mascara and really take your time putting it on!

I wish I knew how to put them on myself! Do you know how to put on fake eyelashes? Any tricks to make it easier you can share with me?
What do you guys think of these Mac lashes? I think they kind of look like spiders but very cool and definitely not as scary!

« To get the most out of your makeup, you need to first go into the bathroom and look at your skin care routine. Bad skin leads to bad makeup and vice versa. I recommend using an organic product. I LOVE Sodashi.( It’s a high quality product that really hydrates even the most dry skin. I use it on all my clients and they not only love it, but are using it now themselves at home. You also need a great concealer, like Makeupforever, and a great bronzer with a mineral finish. I also suggest ZOOM by MAC. It’s a great mascara. » I recently tried their new glam rocks pigment shadow in their color called « metallic pearl. » I used the Mac Black Zoom mascara which I love! And then I added this Lorac perfectly lit powder called « spotlight! » It gives you a shimmer all over! I love it!